Friday Dance (Audiotree)

From Indian Lakes – Breath, Desperately


The Main Squeeze – All In


Two Inch Astronaut – Cigarettes, Boys, and Movies


3 Funny Clips from the world wide web

  1. “Come Dance with Us!” with Jennifer Lawrence

  2. Benedict Cumberbatch’s resemblance to an otter

  3. High School Theatre Show with Elizabeth Banks

La Dispute on Audiotree Live

This weekend, me and Linus went to Copenhagen to see La Dispute. This made me think of their session on Audiotree Live with the epic Dj Evil Vince. Not only is La Dispute a great band but this session is worth it just for the interviewer and his question. Dj Evil Vince is the most empathetic and excited interviewer I have ever seen, a true role-model in that sense.

Check out La Dispute on Audiotree Live here;

For more excitement from Dj Evil Vince, check out the session with O’Brother;